Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make my site unique?
You have complete choice in your site's logo, background, color scheme, menu, and its many content elements.

Can I have a custom logo and background?
Yes you can have a custom logo and background. Please give us your suggestions or graphics for these elements. We can also provide you with some options to choose from.

What kinds of elements can be included on a site?
 - Multiple Site Sections and Sub-Sections
 - Individual Photos and Galleries
 - Social Media Links
 - Facebook Page Feed
 - Twitter Page Feed
 - Blog Feed (via RSS)
 - Slideshows
 - Text posts
 - Featured Links
 - Videos
 - Audio
 - Customer testimonials
 - Coupons
 - Event listings
 - Menus
 - Email Contact Form
 - Documents (especially Pdf's)
 - Contact Info
 - Map
 - Hours of Operation
 - Payments Accepted
 - Links to other websites/pages
 - Unique Forms (There is an additional fee for this service.)
 - E Commerce integration (There may be an additional fee for this service, depending on what is involved.)

How soon will my site be ready?
Once we gather the core information and content, your site will be ready for initial review within a maximum of 3 weeks. Usually it is just a few business days.

Can I get some help with my business presence on Social Media?
Yes. We can help you optimize your existing social media channels or with setting up new ones. (There may be an additional fee for this service, depending on what is involved.)

Can I update information on the site myself?
Yes. You can have access to edit content, manage pages and view statistics.

Can I access the site's files?
Our website system does not allow access to the core files. But, you can access your site's main data once logged in, and could download/save your images, text etc. as needed.

Can I connect Google Analytics to my site?
Yes. If you have your own Google account, we can set this up.

Will you be able to assist me with adding new info to the site if need be?
Yes, we will be glad to help. We can review the controls of the site with you and make some quick changes. Extensive updating after the site launch will be an additional fee.

What assistance can I get for promoting my new site?
We will submit your new site to search engines as part of the setup. And, we offer a variety of Print, Digital, and Social Media advertising options that can help with promotion.

Can I set up an email connected to my site’s domain?
We recommend that you stay with your existing business email address. However, we can set up emails tied to your domain, if we are in charge of it, for an additional fee.